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What Every Natural Should Know About Hair Oils!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Healthy hair often happens when you offer your hair and scalp non-toxic treatments and solutions. With the use of chemicals being so common these days, we unconsciously accept imbalance as a normal way of life. However, we do notice the negative effects that are left on and within our bodies as the result. This is why I want to express to you how you can improve your overall hair and scalp health by simply understanding what oils could benefit you the most.

Base Oils vs. Essential Oils

Base oils (also known as carrier oils) are used to dilute essential oils. Essential oils are therapeutic and provide nutrients to the hair and scalp. These organic oils cannot be manufactured by the body naturally, but are are derived by the fatty portion of vegetables (plants) or amino fats. Hair loss, dullness, and drying due to water loss often happens when the body is deficient in these essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids (oils) are used to help the body to absorb water on the skin, scalp, and hair. Learn More About Base and Essential Oils By Clicking Here

Hair Oils 101

As your Natural Hair Specialist, I have accepted the responsibility of using my time to research and understand which hair oils benefit our hair & scalp the most. I even like to get creative and mix my own special oils, herbs, conditioners, and hair treatment recipes in effort of providing reliable solutions for my clients. If you are interested in allowing me, your Herbal Mixologist, to customize an oil blend for you then Click Here!

Hair Tip of The Day:

One of my absolute favorite natural moisturizers ever is HONEY. Especially if you have thick, 4c Hair like me. Organic honey, when used properly, is really great for treating and restoring dry and damaged hair. Consider adding a few drops of this to your deep conditioning treatments and/or hair conditioners for maximum sheen and softness. A great alternative to honey, is Glycerin and for hair types that aren't so coarse Olive Oil works great too!

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