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4 Steps To Regrowing Damaged Hair!

As we clearly understand by now, it’s quite impossible to have the perfect fairy tale life. The minute you THINK you have it all together, BOOM here comes something else trying to steal your joy! Well this time, let’s just say it comes in the form of hair damage or hair loss that is currently trying to interrupt your greatness. What are you going to do about it? You know that you could easily cover it up with a wig or maybe some type of braid style, but how does that actually solve your problem? Unfortunately it doesn’t, but today I hope to give you some advice that will guide you to a successful hair regrowth plan.

Step 1: Acknowledge whatever your hair issue is, don’t keep aiming for the cover-up. Remember denial is the enemy! It robs you of ever reaching your greatest potentials and sometimes it steals your confidence. When you are in constant denial, the issue only worsens and the problem gets bigger. When you acknowledge that you indeed have an issue, you are giving yourself permission to fix that issue so that you can grow and flourish in a healthy way. I know this sounds very simple, but it can actually be really hard to do sometimes. If your goal is to overcome, then just be sure to note that it requires you to accept and acknowledge your issue.

Step 2: Proper diagnosis. Your health care practitioner is usually a reliable place to start, however they won’t be the ones to actually take care of your hair or scalp issue directly. This is when it is important to understand the difference between a hairstylist, an educator and a specialist… if you are lucky enough you may find one amazing person who possess each of these 3 qualities.

“Life isn’t perfect, But Your Hair Can Be…” *Drops Mic*

Step 3: Make sure that you’re in the RIGHT chair. Understand that some stylist (these days) are only here to provide you with a hairstyle. They may be super bomb at that cover-up style or give you the best shampoo’s ever but this does not mean that they are qualified enough to help you with your specific issue. They may not have the proper knowledge to guide you throughout your hair regrowth process and remember that’s okay.

When dealing with hair damage or hair loss you want to get to the RIGHT professional(s). Here is some helpful information to consider: When dealing with a specific issue such as hair loss, finding a specialist would be the BEST option. A trichologist, for example, is the professional who is the fine line between dermatologist & the hairstylist. This would be the ideal person to seek if you suffer from alopecia or a pre-existing scalp disorder. An educator, on the other hand, would probably be the best person to consult with about your damaged hair or other hair concerns. These people have the knowledge and experience that is going to get you the RESULTS that you want and need. Take the time to do your research, there are many types of educators and specialist out there, so finding the best person for YOU should always be considered a priority.

Step 4: This last step is probably the most important. Take the time to educate yourself. You would be surprised how easy prevention can be once you learn what things to avoid and what things you should embrace. Most people are suffering not because the issue is so great, but simply because they don’t know any better. Continue to follow hair care blogs, read books, or even take a few classes. You would probably feel better knowing that somethings ARE in your control.

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