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The Natural Hair Boutique is Located inside Of:

Major Pieces Boutique & Beauty Bar

5693 Mt. Moriah Rd.

Memphis, TN 38115

Business Line (TEXT ONLY) : 901- 219-2959

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Teri - The Natural Hair Specialist

At, I am committed to empowering women, men, and children to embrace their natural hair. With my extensive experience and expertise, I provide the highest quality of hair care services. As a licensed hairstylist, natural hair educator, product creator, mentor, coach, author, podcast co-host, and social media influencer, I offer a one-stop destination for all your natural hair needs. Contact me today to schedule your hair care consultation or to learn more about the products and services I offer!

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Welcome to the Natural Hair Boutique where we cater to your needs as a Natural Hair Advocate!

Here we offer virtual and in-person assistance to naturals through our Natural Hair Academy, Private Salon Suite, and Product Shop all in one convenient place.


Our comprehensive range of courses and expertise are tailored to & for stylists, aspiring students, and clients, with no prior experience or knowledge is needed. Our virtual academy is continuously being updated to ensure that we are meeting your needs at all times. 


 Furthermore, the enrollment process at The Natural Hair Boutique's Natural Hair Academy is easy, simple,  & affordable! Most important, you work with a live instructor at all times! So if you're interested in a new or additional source of income, please feel welcome to sign up today.

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Sabrina S.

"Thanks so much for being the GOAT!!! My hair is beautiful and flourishing because of Teri and Sky! Ya'll are TOP TIER for sure!!!"

Brenda T.

"Very professional! Cozy atmosphere and I love the attention they give to me and the care of my hair."

Nia W.

“I always look forward to my appointments! They are very professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about their craft.”

Here Are Our Top 3 Salon Services

Hair Accessories



Microlocs are really small locs that are usually started with a twist or a braid and maintained through interlocking. These locs are very similar to sisterlocs but they are very different. To start or request maintenance service please click the link below.


Traditional Locs

Traditional locs are small, medium, or large locs that normally use a palm rolling or interlocking method for maintenance. You may select this service if you are interested in starting your traditional locs with us.


Natural Hair Care

These service is offered for those who are interested in taking care of their loose, natural, relaxer free curls. This service may also be scheduled if you are planning to or in the process of transitioning into a natural hair state.

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