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FEATURED MODEL: Ms. Kendra Kenshay

Let's Talk Hair: Microlocs!

Microlocs are really small locs (similar but not exactly the same as sisterlocs).They are particularly great for those who enjoy a more versatile hair journey. In a sense, Microlocs are also like loose natural hair that you are no longer required to detangle or comb. This is a low maintenance style and easy to maintain on your own (in between the retie appointments)!


So refreshing!

Before booking this service with me, it is imperative that you do your own research as well. The more you know & understand the more confident you will feel when it comes to starting your journey. My job is to assist you and guide you through it as needed. I am available via a scheduled zoom chat to discuss the full details of this style, give you a virtual hair analysis, and schedule your microlocs starter service.

Some things we will discuss:

- sizes, parting, & foundation

- what to expect

- products to use

- do's & don'ts

- maintenance options

- pricing 

The Ultimate Guide For Starting Microlocs.png
Not sure if you're ready to take the big leap? Then start with a baby step, download "The Ultimate Guide for Starting Microlocs" today!
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