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We are taking action to prevent the spread of COVID-19!

At The Natural Hair Boutique we are committed to providing safe, healthy practices while you are inside the shop. Here are some ways that we can all work together to prevent the spread of viruses.

Dear Client Please:

- Stay home if you aren't feeling well or may have been exposed to someone who has a virus. We offer very lenient & flexible rescheduling options.

- Prepay for your services when you schedule your appointment OR pay using a debit/credit/cashapp methods. *You will be asked to pay your remaining balance through your email if using a debit/credit card in order to maintain less physical contact with personal items as possible.

- Consider our virtual appointments for assistance.

- Schedule "additional time" to avoid physical contact with other clients when coming into the salon. 

- Wash your hands upon entering & exiting the salon and be sure that you are wearing a CLEAN facemask throughout the entirety of your appointment.


Deat Stylist Please:

- Wash your hands thoroughly & wear clean gloves during all treatments.

- Wear a clean facemask throughout the entirety of my appointment.

- Don't allow other guests to wait inside of your suite during my appointment time.

- Sanitize and disinfect as much as possible.

- Reschedule my appointment with priority, consideration, and flexibilty if you are feeling sick or have been exposed to someone who has a virus.

We appreciate all cooperation during this time! Thank you as always for choosing The Natural Hair Boutique!

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