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4C Naturals Please Stand Up! Now take a bow...

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Predominately, found in the black culture, 4c Natural Hair is the definite confirmation that you are black or that you for sure have some black in you somewhere. To my knowledge, there is not another breed of people who naturally have a hair texture that is quite like ours. It is by far the kinkiest, the coarsest, and sometimes the driest. Our 4c hair shrinks a whole lot when it gets wet, it can tangle very easily if you're not careful, and it often has very little "curl" definition.


These characteristics do NOT equate to having "bad or nappy hair". In fact, who told you that your hair type was bad??? 4c Natural Hair is very special because no other race can fully identify with it. It expresses your uniqueness in this world. And I want to encourage all of you to STOP referring to your hair in a negative way. Understand that the words your speak and the thoughts you think hold power and your perspective becomes whatever you believe.


We were conditioned early on to believe that our hair was not impressionable. We were convinced that in order to succeed that we must conform to ways that were never natural for us. We started to straighten and chemically alter our hair simply because we THOUGHT that "fitting in" was the right thing to do. We did not fully understand the damage we were causing ourselves internally, externally, and generationally by doing these things.


Now that we understand the importance of accepting our blackness and uniqueness we can begin to truly grow from it and flourish in the ways that we were designed to. But first, as 4c Naturals, we need to understand that it is imperative that we commit to learning our hair type, helping one another, and enjoying the transformation in the most positive way possible. Speak only health and great things over your hair journey and watch it grow long and strong!


As a mommy of 4 natural children (who all have 4c hair by the way), as a 4c natural hair girl myself, and as a licensed natural hair stylist, I am 100% committed to providing you guys with the proper education, the inspiration, and the knowledge that you NEED. Unfortunately the information isn't anything that I can give you in one breath... however I do want to encourage each of you wonderful 4c Natural Hair people to join my hair care movement >> by clicking here <<. By signing up today, you are giving me permission to send you hair care tips, hair growth advice, product suggestions, and invitations to online workshops and trainings for 4c Natural Hair.

I honestly feel like there is not enough on the market for us (or by us) so I have proudly dedicated my time and attention daily to learning and understanding the things that work best for our hair. I feel that it is my responsibility to share this information with each of you! If you know someone who can benefit from this information as well, please encourage them to check out this blog and to sign-up as well. It literally only takes 30 seconds to do and you will receive benefits that can last you and your family a lifetime!

I commend you guys for caring about the health of your hair. I commend you for speaking positively about your hair. And I definitely thank you guys in advance for believing in me enough to join this movement. It will be an exciting journey.

Please leave me a comment below letting me know your thoughts on this subject! What do you think about your 4c Natural Hair??

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I loved the article. I tried to click the link but it didn’t work but I definitely need tips for my 4c hair.

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