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3 Helpful Tips For Removing Protective Styles

Removing braids and twist may seem like a very simple task, however it is actually a service that requires practice and skill. When you do not remove your braids properly, you can cause excessive damage and breakage to your hair and even alopecia in extreme cases. It is also important to remember that overextending the wear of your style often does you more harm than good. Here are 3 quick tips to rememeber when removing your braids or twist style!

Tip No. 3: LOC method. In a spray bottle, mix warm water, oil, and conditioner and begin to spritz your hair in the section that you are taking down first. This process helps breakdown any potential build-up that has formed on or within your braid. When you loosen the build-up prior to unraveling your braid you are allowing your hair to glide out of the braid rather than tearing or ripping at the hairs. Although the tearing and ripping may be untentional, remember it is still causing damage and breakage.

Tip No. 2: Use a wire-end or a rat-tail comb. When unraveling your hair manually (with your hands) isn’t possible then it is wise to use a utensil that will allow you to pull the knots down gently. Avoid combing vigorously at the braid or twist and instead use the end of the comb to gather control over how you are taking down your braid. Try not to pull more than two-inches of your hair at a time to ensure that you aren’t breaking any strands of your hair.

Tip No. 1:Seek professional assistance. Removing your protective style can be a very tedious process. Many salons offer a separate service that allows skilled professionals to assist you with this process. After all, taking your style down the right way is just as important as the installation process, so you want to be sure this is done correctly. In fact, most salons also offer a cleansing and conditioning process afterwards that your hair and scalp would probably thank you for if it could! To avoid extreme damage or hair breakage, it is imperative that your hair is combed out and cared for properly before you wash your hair! Because most stylist use some sort of product during the installation process, your hair is probably filled with debris, or product build-up at the base of your hair. When not removed properly, alopecia or additional damage to your once beautiful tresses can be caused! For this reason, it is always wise to seek professional assistance otherwise your protective style won’t do too much protecting.

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