Hydration & Healing Butter

Hydration & Healing Butter

Our whipped Shea, hydration butter has extensive anti-inflammatory properties when used on the skin. This product is amazing for preventing dryness, rashes, discolorations, stretch marks, and wrinkles without clogging the pores.

*This product is also used best as a sealant & hair mask when adding moisture to natural hair!

Our Hydration Butter is created and handcrafted by The Natural Hair Boutique for  skin, scalp, & hair usage. This is a chemical free product & is safe to use on all skin types. *No scents or fragrances have been added to this product. 

Use on wet or damp hair/skin as a sealant to replenish, soften, & add a natural shine to your hair and skin. When used on coarser hair types this product can immediately soften and add hydration to your hair.

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