Scalp Detox, 100% Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 8oz

Scalp Detox, 100% Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 8oz

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100% Organic ACV, Raw & Unfiltered 8oz
Use as scalp detox to dissolve build-up on your hair & scalp from products and/or dandruff.
Use before or after shampoo.. to kill bacteria and fungus on the scalp that causes dandruff, itchiness, and scalp irritation. Helps to prevent future bacteria & fungus growth on your scalp. *Combine with our Scalp Scrub for the best results.
Use to close cuticles of your hair to help protect your hair shaft, minimize hair breakage, and to add shine.
ACV stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth which makes it excellent to use on fragile or thinning hair.

- Can use with a cotton ball to cleanse the scalp from excessive dandruff, irritation in between protective styles, Loc maintenance
- Can dilute in a spray bottle to spritz on scalp 
- Can use in a scalp bath/ loc detox  
- Can be used as a pre-poo /scalp rinse treatment. 

* Recommended for usage every 6-12 weeks.
* Allow ACV to sit on scalp for up to 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly.
* Organic Products require refrigeration for prolonged usage.

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